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We drew inspiration from Kandinsky, the painter-musician who combined sounds and colours, describing with perfection the emotion of being able to represent reality through music, colours and shapes.

The colours and shapes are the characteristics, fundamental and irreplaceable, of our stylistic code, which has always been a part of the Monacelli Italy System.

In his theories on the use of colour, Vasilij Kandinsky established an extremely close relationship between work of art and the spiritual dimension, stating the soul and art influence each other.

Kandinskij analysed the reaction of observers looking at a work of art and mentioned two effects: one purely physical and superficial, and another, deeper, through which the veritable psychic strength of colour emerges, the one what causes EMOTIONS.

Each colour is therefore the bearer of a very precise emotional message, to which is also associated a specific acoustic meaning. For Kandinsky, painting and music blend together in a single synaesthetic form of art that fearlessly overwhelms spectators.

According to Kandinsky, “colour is a way to directly influence the Soul”.

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