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Cancellation form

Cancellation form




Place                           Date                            


Dear Sir/Madam

At Melius s.r.l

Via Beniamino Ubaldi snc

06024 – Gubbio (PG) – Italy


Sent via certified e-mail to:


Registered letter



I, the undersigned _________________________(enter name and surname of the consumer who cancelled the contract), by sending this communication, notify the cancellation of the sales contract of the following items, ordered on ______________ (enter date of contract cancellation) and received on______________________(enter the date on which the products were received).


I hereby commit to returning the items, at my expenses, without delay, within 14 working days after this communication is sent. I also hereby request the refund of all payments made by me, for a total of _____________________euros (enter the value paid) through ___________________________ (enter payment method used to pay the price, for instance: bank transfer – IBAN number (IBAN required for bank transfers within Italy; BIC code required for international bank transfers) or, alternatively, refund on the credit card used for the payment) within the same deadline. I hereby attach fiscal documents to attest that the payment was made.



Best regards,





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