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Cookie Policy


Our Cookie Policy intends to provide a general overview on cookies and to describe the types of cookies used on as well as the purpose, duration and manners in which Users can manage them through the “Cookie configuration platform”, always accessible from our website.




“Melius S.r.l.”, with headquarters in Gubbio (PG), Via Beniamino Ubaldi, taxpayer number and VAT number 02981720366, is the Controller of Personal Data, according to article 13 GDPR The following information is made available. Contact informatoin: Phone +39 (075) 927-7974 – Fax: +39 (075) 961-628, e-mail address/certified e-mail account: –




I Cookie sono stringhe di testo di piccole dimensioni che vengono memorizzate sul dispositivo dell’Utente (qualunque esso sia: pc o tablet o smarthphone), come un’etichetta che identifica il d

Cookies are short strings of text that are memorised by the User’s device (whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone), like a tag that identifies the device whenever the website is loaded in the browser. Cookies are used to memorise information on the User to make the use of the website more simple, faster, efficient and adherent to the User’s requests, improving his/her browsing experience and allowing the Controller to collect information for statistic purposes, to provide the requested service, or to personalise the User’s browsing experience. Cookies do not damage the User’s computer or devices in any way.

Uses can block cookies, delete them or deactivate them in the settings of their browser, as analytically explained in paragraph 6 of this Cookie Policy, called “Deactivating cookies”.


The term Cookies also applies to other similar technologies of installation and/or collection of information on the User’s device, such as flash cookies, web beacons or bugs, pixel, HTML 5 (local memorisation), and SDK technologies for app formats. Similarly, the term Cookies also applies to the use of fingerprinting techniques, i.e. Techniques that combine pieces of information that allow them to identify the User’s device. In some cases, these technologies work in tandem with Cookies to collect and memorise information, whether to be able to offer certain functions or services on the website or to display advertisements on third-party platforms, taking the user’s browsing into account.


These brief descriptions are a general overview, with informative purposes only, of what the term Cookies means. The specific Cookies used on our website are described in more detail in the dedicated paragraph and on the Cookie settings panel that can be accessed on our website.




This paragraph offers a general classification of the types of Cookies that can be used online and in our website.



First-party Cookies (or own cookies): generated and managed directly hy the editor of the website you are browsing. Only the website can read these data.


Third-party Cookies: Generated and managed by subjects other than the editor of the website you are browsing. These Cookies belong to external suppliers and the website’s editor has no direct control over them. Depending on their purpose, their activity can be strictly needed for the functioning of the website, for collecting data to create a personal profile of the user, or for being configured for other purposes and User processing modalities, or for the main use of understanding the performance of the website and the kind of User interaction, so as to display pertinent advertisements and a personalised browsing experience, also to favour future interactions with the website.  For instance, when you visit a page on a website, you may find content inserted by external sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or others, and these sites may generate Cookies. Users are therefore encouraged to check these sites and read their Privacy Policies.


Temporary (or session) cookies: Do not expire and are deleted, not instantaneously, at the end of the browsing session or the moment the browser is closed. These types of Cookies result in less safety risks and are used to feed e-commerce shopping baskets, to control the elements of the page displayed to a User at every single visit of more pages, and for other short-term filing purposes.

Persistent cookies: Have an expiry date and remain in the computer even when the browsing session is over or the browser is closed. They can be read by the site that created them in future visits to the same site. These Cookies are returned to the User whenever he/she visits the same site or another site containing a resource (such as an ad) issued by the issuer of the original cookie. To understand this concept better: this is a mechanism used by Google and Facebook to create a record of user activities on several websites.




a)- Technical Cookies

b)- Profiling Cookies

c)- Cookie Analytics


In more detail, combining the classifications, we have:

a)- Technical Cookies: Used with the only purpose of “transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network, or, as strictly necessary to the supplier of a service of the information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or by the User to provide this service”. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website’s editor. Their use does not require the acquisition of previous User consent.

Sometimes they can be classified as:

Browsing or session cookies: Ensure normal browsing and usage of the website (allowing, for instance, to make online purchases or to log in to access reserved areas);

Cookie Analytics: Assimilated by technical cookies only when used directly by the site’s editor to collect information in an aggregated, and therefore anonymous fashion, on the number of uses and how they visit the site itself.

Functionality cookies: allow Users to browse according to a series of selected criteria (such as language, product selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered.

b)- Profiling cookies: necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertisement messages in line with the preferences manifested by the User him/herself within the pages of the website the User is browsing. Due to the particular invasiveness these devices may have within users’ private sphere, they can only be installed on the User’s computer or device after the User has expressed his/her explicit content after being informed through simplified modalities.


c)- Third-party services analysis cookies (or Analytics): These Cookies are used to collect information on site usage by users: pages visited, time spent on the sites, origin of the traffic, geographical origin, age, gender, and interests, with the goal of providing information for marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent by external third-party domains and according to the regulations in force, can be assimilated to technical Cookies “as long as instruments are adopted to reduce identification power and the third party does not cross the information thus collected with other information it already possesses”. Under these conditions, analytics cookies can be used without the User’s previous consent, and can be compared to technical Cookies in terms of information and consent. Otherwise, they will be assimilated to profiling cookies and their use will require previous User consent.




Data are processed through electronic and automated tools, without broadcasting or communication to third parties.




With the exception of technical Cookies, strictly needed for ordinary browsing, data inspection is subject to the willingness of the User to browse our website after having read, upon accessing, the brief cooking policy information contained in the cookie banner. To avoid cookie installation, it is possible to disable this function through the specific function available in one’s own browser (please see the “Deactivating Cookies” section).




Cookie activation


To accept and consent to the processing of information through Cookies, read the banner on our website and click on I AGREE or I DO NOT AGREE, then close the banner. Continuing to browse our website, in the absence of a specific choice of management of consent, is the equivalent of granting consent to the use of all Cookies.

In any case, Users can manage Cookies at any given moment, directly from the Cookie configuration panel accessible on our website at all times.


Cookie deactivation


Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, in order to deactivate Cookies and/or choose the desired level of blockage, Users can modify the settings of their own browser. Here is how to do it in the most popular browsers:


Internet Explorer:

Windows help & learning

Windows 11 is a new Windows experience, bringing you closer to what you love. Learn how to get ready and make the move. Get the upgrade details In the meantime, check out what’s available for Windows 10 on the Windows 10 tab.


Google Chrome:

Cancellare, attivare e gestire i cookie in Chrome

Puoi scegliere di eliminare i cookie esistenti, consentire o bloccare tutti i cookie e impostare preferenze per determinati siti web. I cookie sono file creati dai siti web visitati che semplificano l’esperienza online salvando i dati di navigazione. I cookie consentono di mantenerti connesso ai siti, memorizzare le tue preferenze per ogni sito e fornirti contenuti pertinenti a livello locale.

-Mozilla Firefox:

La protezione antitracciamento avanzata in Firefox per desktop

La Protezione antitracciamento avanzata di Firefox protegge automaticamente la privacy degli utenti durante la navigazione sul Web. Blocca molti elementi traccianti che seguono l’utente online per raccogliere informazioni sulle sue abitudini e sui suoi interessi di navigazione senza compromettere la funzionalità del sito.


Finally, it should be noted that Users can decide not to use cookies at any given time. The option to reject Cookies is specific for each browser used. Therefore, if the Cookies are set in one way in a device and a User would like this choice to be applied in a similar fashion in another device, the same option must be activated for that device as well. Additionally, regarding third-party Cookies and the visualisation of advertisement based on the User’s interests, one must keep in mind that certain third parties may adhere to some of the following self-regulation online behavioural advertisement programs, with their relative opt-out alternatives:


  • Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) –
  • Google Analytics –





The information memorised in the Cookies of the website are used exclusively by the editor, with the exception of third-party cookies, which are used and managed by external companies to provide services intended to improve those present on, in addition to the User’s experience while browsing our website. Further information is available at any given time on our website, in Cookie configuration panel. For more detailed information on the processing of User personal data in our collaboration with third parties and on those subject to international data transferring, please read our Privacy Policy (INSERT POP UP) and read the next paragraph.




This section also states once again that the Data Processing Controller is not responsible for the operation of Third Party Cookies on its website.


Management of payment

Payment management services allow to process payments through bank transfer or other instruments. The data used for the payment are acquired by the payment service manager requested without being in any manner processed by

Some of these services may also allow for the scheduled sending of messages to the User, such as e-mails containing invoices or notifications regarding payment.

PayPal is a payment service provided by PayPal Inc., to allow Users to make payments online.

For further information on privacy please consult

PayPal – privacy Policy (


Hosting and back-end infrastructure

This kind of service has the goal of hosting data and file that allow to function, allow for its distribution and make available an infrastructure that is ready to use to provide specific information functionalities through the website

Some of these services work through servers that are in different geographic locations, making it hard to determine the exact place where Personal Data are stored.

The hosting platform is provided by

For further information on privacy please consult – Privacy Policy

Software Platform:

WordPress – Privacy Policy (

Woocommerce – Privacy Policy (


Interaction with external platforms

This type of service allows for interactions with support platforms managed by third parties, directly from

If a service of interaction with support platforms is installed, it is possible that, even should Users not use the service, it collects Usage Data related to the pages in which it is installed.

These platforms are managed by companies and their Controllers, different from Melius S.r.l., collect User Data so the User’s requests can be properly carried out, and act autonomously and independently from Melius S.r.l.

In fact, Melius S.r.l. has no control or direction power on the data processing operated by these third parties. An all-in-one platform to create and launch chats.

For further information on privacy please consult – Privacy Policy ( e Frequently Asked Questions about LiveChat, Inc’s GDPR compliance (

Youtube Data API v3: Adds YouTube functionalities to the website and is used, for instance, to embed videos to

For further information on privacy please consult

Google – Privacy Policy (

API Maps by Google: Used to implement Store Locator functions.

For further information on privacy please consult

Google – Privacy Policy (


Visualisation of contents from external platforms

This type of service makes it possible to visualise contents hosted on external platforms, directly from the pages of, and to interact with them.

If a service of this type is installed, it is possible that, even should Users not use the service, it collects Usage Data related to the pages in which it is installed.

Google Maps (Google LLC)

Google Maps is a map visualisation service managed by Google LLC that allows to embed these contents within its own pages.

For further information on privacy please consult

Google – Privacy Policy (

Video YouTube (Google LLC)

YouTube is a video content service managed by Google LLC that allows to embed these contents within its own pages.

For further information on privacy please consult

Google – Privacy Policy (


Interaction with social networks

This type of service allows for interactions with social networks or other external platforms, directly from The interactions and information acquired by are, in any case, subject to the privacy settings of the User for all different social networks. This type of service may, in any case, collect traffic data for the pages where the service is installed, even when Users are not using them. We recommend logging out of these services to make sure the data elaborated on are not traced back to the User’s profile. Failure to do this means browsing takes place with the User logged into his/her social networks; it is assumed that Users have therefore agreed to the use of cookies by this website upon login.

Any information obtained through interactions with social networks are regulated by the privacy policy of each of these networks. Please read them.

For further information on privacy please consult

Facebook – Privacy Policy– (

Instagram – Privacy Policy (



This type of service allows this website and its partners to communicate, optimise and serve ads based on the use of this site by the User. This activity is carried out by tracing Data Usage and through the use of Cookies, information transferred to partners to which the remarketing activity is collected.


Facebook Ads (Facebook pixels) (Facebook, Inc.)

The monitoring of conversions of Facebook Ads (Facebook pixels) is a statistic service provided by Facebook, Inc. that connects data from FAcebook ads network to the actions taken within Facebook pixels monitors conversions that may be attributed to Facebook adds.

For further information on privacy please consult

Facebook – Privacy Policy (



The services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyse traffic data and have the goal of tracking User behaviour.


Google Analytics (Google LLC)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google LLC. Google uses collected Data to trace and examine the use of, prepare reports and share them with other services stipulated by Google. Google may use Personal Data to contextualise and personalise adds within its own advertisement network.

On, Google Analytics uses a function called User ID. It allows for a more accurate tracking of Users, assigning a unique ID to each User for various sessions and devices, in such a way as to prevent Google from personally identifying an individual or from identifying a specific device in a permanent fashion. The User ID extension also makes it possible to connect Data from Google Analytics and other Data relative to the User collected by The Opt Out link provided below allows Users to deactivate tracking for the device you are using, but does not exclude other tracking activities by the Controller. To deactivate tracking activities, please contact the Controller via e-mail.

For further information on privacy please consult

Google – Privacy Policy

Opt Out link:

Facebook Analytics (Facebook Inc.)

Facebook Analytics is provided by Facebook Inc. and, like Google Analytics, is a statistics service.

For further information on privacy please consult

Facebook – Privacy Policy (



In order to get to know the type of cookie used on our website, their characteristics, purposes and duration, we advise Users to access the Cookie configuration Panel.




Concerned Users may, at any given moment, demand their rights according to art. 13 of European Regulation 679/2016 or receive assistance and information on how to consent to or deny or on how to delete cookies from their browsers, sending their own requests to the e-mail address of the Data Processing Controller.




The Data Processing Controller has the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, on We therefore request that you consult this page often and take into account the date of the last modification stated. Should the modifications affect processing that have relevant consequences on User privacy, the Controller shall collect the User’s consent again.



Document updated on 11/02/2021



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