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Monacelli professional

Quality Salon

Quality Salon

Today, beauty is certified by Monacelli quality salon.
Ethics, professionalism and quality are the new values that emphasize hair style as a profession:
values that ensure pleasure, well-being and tangible results to all those who rely on a certified Monacelli quality salon.
Today, the Monacelli quality salon certification is a guarantee of excellence for clients as well as for salon owners and employees: receiving it means
stepping into a project that aims at the continual improvement of the salon’s results and at the satisfaction of its customers.
Thanks to the exclusive training method by Monacelli Italy, the salon can attest to its own journey towards excellence through the dnv-gl and Monacelli quality salon certification. Each certified salon is given a plate containing the number of stars that ensure an objective evaluation of the effective performance acknowledged on a national level.
The certification is valid for a whole year and ensures continuous monitoring by Monacelli Italy, always ready to provide strategic and operative support to maintain the excellence obtained in terms of quality standards as well as of profitability.
Hair Beauty Consultant

Hair Beauty Consultant

Monacelli Italy has designed a certified method that provides beauty consultants with the tools they need to stimulate and support the develop of new knowledge, skills and competences.
Being a hair beauty consultant means having a wider view of the one that usually guides the work of a simple hairdresser or hairstylist: this is a new way of looking at the client. Seeing clients in an overall manner allows the consultant to welcome them, to understand them and to work in a new way in order to make their beauty wish come true.
Only by creating a new and different “awareness” of their own work and relationship with the clients is it possible to generate significant results, simultaneously becoming an irreplaceable reference for those who dream of being heard, understood and helped express their uniqueness. Customers are in the spotlight around which the entire Monacelli Italy is structured. What we teach is a completely new way of “seeing”, “listening to” and “understanding” customers and their potentialities.
Hair beauty consultants can therefore enhance the characteristics of each person, adding value and making them unique, creating for customers a personalised and shared beauty project.
Artists do more than just reproducing what is visible: they make visible what not always is so.
Monacelli Academy

Monacelli Academy

Monacelli academies are veritable references for hair fashion professionals.
A meeting place where innovative training itineraries are elaborated around the concept of beauty.
Training is at the core of our method. It provides not only tools indispensable for everyday work, but also takes care of the personal growth of each member of the salon and of the team, creating a teamwork that can stand out in the market and obtain significant qualitative and economic results.
We believe it is important to educate people to think and act in a positive and propositional manner in a world that is increasingly fast and complex, teaching them to widen their horizons – once this first step is taken towards change, change becomes unstoppable.
Monacelli Academy:
a new way of thinking, of facing life and work, in harmony with oneself and with one’s own dreams and desires.


The culture of beauty
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